Sunday, October 7, 2007

A visit to Washington

The first of September we went to Ryan and Ariane's. We had so much fun. whitney had her 1st birthday while we were there. I will put Ryan's picture in mowing his lawn. Aspen is in 2nd grade. She loves it. Brock is in Kindergarten. He tells me it is hard. Ariane has started her preschool. Trevor probably loves having other kids to play with while his brother and sister are in school. We had to make sure Ariane was taking care of her leg.

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Varsity Outdoor said...

Go Grandma!!What's at the top of that mountain you're climing? Did you rappell down the other side? It looks a little technical for those little kids though - was it safe? I am a little puzled by the cute colors though. I've never climbed a rock that was the color of the rainbow.
Wait --- it looks like a kiddie slide! Aren't you a little old for that? You wont catch me doing anything so silly.