Sunday, April 5, 2009

A flower clock in Vina Del Mar. We had a great experience in Chile. I do love the USA though.
the streets of valpo

visit to the navy muesum

driving the streets of valpo we are thankfull for the Lords blessing to live thru this.

view from our 6th floor best western hotel room

the plaza like a park

This is Vlapariso a huge shipping port. Even cruise ships dock here.

shopping for lunch just a few miles across town is the jumbo store which is as big or bigger than cotsco

our lunch a churresco has beef, tomatoes and lots mayo. Teresa has a completeo like a hot dog and of course coca cola the members main beverage

walking the streets of vina We bought many treasures to bring home. Jeremy's favorite is so a strange carved Indian. Certain body parts stick out as you pick it up. I wouldn't even put it in my luggage on the trip home. He shows it to everyone. The members are so humble and sacraficed much to feed my son. One man said he is still paying off the food bill. I loved going to church with them, even when I couldn't understand anything. We ate lunch with a Stake President and learned much from him. A man with a great sense of humor. What a great experience.

The corner bakery

Teresa found a few fabric stores but no quilting fabrics.

A family we had lunch with a real enjoyable time and the food was great. It was fun to visit with them thru the help of Jeremy. The girl making the peace sing was so cute and a fun personality. I told Jeremy she was a little spit fire. They wanted it translated. The only translation Jeremy felt would fit was that she was a pit bull. These people (3 generations) live in one house and have small store attached to their house and several computers people come and rent time on to go online. They also had a telephone people could pay to use. They all have cell phones. Even teenagers.